All That You Need to Know About Nano Ceramic Coating

By | January 8, 2020
All That You Need to Know About Nano Ceramic Coating

Have you ever heard about the ceramic coating? If not yet today you will surely know about it all. Ceramic coating is nothing but a thin layer of liquid polymer or quartz bond that actually bonds with your car’s paint giving it ultimate protection. If you are also tired of getting scratches and seeing bird drops on your car then it’s time to give your car a ceramic covering. Nano ceramic coating will not only prevent your car from bird drops, and scratches it will provide total protection from stone chips, iron powder, UV rays, and even dust and dirt.

So what’s 9H Ceramic Coating?

As we’ve already described above, the ceramic coating is nothing but a protection layer for your automobiles. Just consider it as a second layer of skin on your car which is actually applied for protection and to keep your car away from scratches and all the other dangers. About 9H ceramic, it simply means that this coating is totally transparent and can be used over any color of the car without messing up with the real color of the car. It is completely invisible when applied to the surface of the car and it is water-repellent (Hydrophobic) too. The best thing about this 9H ceramic coating is that it is also resistant to UV and protects your vehicle from any sort of chemical, overheat effects and even anti-graffiti.

Nanoceramic Highlights:

The word H in 9H ceramic coating is just to represent the capacity of the product to resist scratching and all these dangers. Given below are the characteristics of this product:

  • This coating contains nanoparticles that help your vehicle stay protective of all the danger.
  • The coating is completely Anti UV which makes it long-lasting eventually protecting the paint from fading or oxidation.
  • It is also Anti-acid rain and will provide your vehicle with a protective layer against acid rain too.
  • The Anti-static nature of Nano ceramic covering makes it repel the dirt and dust from the paint.
  • There’s no chance of water spots when it’s coated with 9H ceramic coating as it is anti-calcium in nature.
  • With the extra layer of protection on your car, you won’t even need to wash it that thoroughly as before because the coating will help the dirt gets washed easily.

How to Apply a Ceramic Coating on Your Vehicle?

Worried about how you would apply this coating to your car? Well, there’s nothing to worry about as it is really simple and effortless. Given below are the five DIY steps to apply 9H ceramic coating to your car. Use the steps below to get the work done in no time:

Step 1: First of all, what you need to do is to clean your car properly and remove all the dust and hard stains from it.

need to do is to wash your car

Step 2: Now, open the bottle of Degreasing agent and mix half of it with the half bucket full of water. Mix the Degreasing agent and water properly to make a proper solution. Soak a clean towel in the solution and wipe your car entirely with it. Wipe all the parts of your car evenly with the created degreasing solution and then leave it to dry. Let the car dry on the whole and then proceed to the next step.

Soak a clean towel in the solution and wipe your car

Step 3: Open the bottle of Liquid A and pour a few drops on a sponge duster. Apply the coating horizontally and vertically, or say in a zigzag pattern. Keep pouring more liquid on your duster when dry and apply the whole bottle of liquid A on your car. At last, let the coating settle down on your car by leaving it for a few minutes like that.

Step 4: Now, open the Liquid B bottle and apply it the same way you’ve applied liquid A in your car. After you apply the whole bottle on your vehicle, leave it like that for a few minutes and let it settle down.

apply the whole bottle on your vehicle

Step 5: There is no step five actually; you just need to make sure that your car does not get in the water. Keep it away from rain and don’t wash it at least for a week. This will help the ceramic covering last longer.


The Nano 9H ceramic coating is a protective layer of liquid polymer for your precious vehicle. The coating works by bonding with the car paint eventually protecting it from any danger. Nano ceramic coating adds an extra layer of protection to your car and makes sure that it stays new and shiny forever. It also makes your car easy to clean and keeps all the dust away from it. It provides your vehicle protection from UV damage, chemical stains, etching, makes it easy to clean and gives it a glossy look. Nano ceramic coating is a miracle for your car that make it look like new and shiny always. The coating is as simple to apply as giving your car a wash. You will just need some water and a sponge duster and also some time for your car to apply it.

If you are also looking forward to buying a ceramic coating for your car, then it’s the right time. Don’t waste another moment overthinking and order the set of Nano ceramic coating for your car now. To get more information about the product or to request a quote, give us a call at +91 8527936779 to Sai Fast Services, car dry cleaning services in Delhi.

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