Everything You Need to know about Nano Ceramic Coating

By | December 4, 2019
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Is using ceramic coating worth for your car? Do you want your car’s look amazing like you drove it the first day from the showroom? We know that you would have failed in keeping your car clean like the first look as it needs professional work. Sai fast service is the best company to offer you the best Nano ceramic coating for your car.

Everything is attacking your car surface like water spots, dust, grime. Sai fast service – the best nano ceramic coating company makes your car free from all the dirt, scratches, mud, etc.

nano ceramic coating
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What is ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coatings refer to as the second layer of skin or referred to as layer of protection which works for your car. This coating process makes use of nanotechnology to remove the invisible particles also from the car. The ceramic layer is transparent which closes the pores for the dust to gather. This coating makes a semi-permanent bond with the vehicle resulting in a protected layer which does not get away from even washing, cleaning, rain etc. It does not break easily in a short time instead it lasts for years.

They remove the dirt and water easily as it does not allow it to gather on the skin.

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Sai fast service – The ultimate stop for Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are accessible for vehicle protection and is a cost-effective method to keep your car clean. There are two options for the ceramic coating:

  • Professional applications
  • DIY consumer kits

Professional Applications

These types of applications are done by professionals who deliver super hydrophobic properties. The professional coating requires the right use of equipment, experience as well as labor which makes the costing of it high. You need to decide your budget before.

This coating takes almost 1-5 days of professional work.

DIY consumer kits

There are also consumer-level car coatings which makes the casual drivers who are not much concerned about their cars to have the showroom quality. But Sai Fast service company is there to make the nano ceramic coating service easy for you.

The DIY consumer kits are quite sensitive than other coatings available in the market.

What is the main work of Nano ceramic coating?

Hydrophobic nature

The nano ceramic coating is hydrophobic. This means that it repels the water. The hydrophobic effect of the nano ceramic coating will make the water roll over the surface easily taking away the dirt, mud or grime.

Repellent of Mud & Dirt

Ceramic coating works to protect the surface in the best way by taking away the mud and dirt as it acts as a repellent for all the dirt accumulated on the car. Even the snow and ice does not easily get stick to the nano ceramic coated car.

In order to protect your vehicle and to get the best first look of your car, call: – 8527936779 sai fast service for the best Nano ceramic coating. We are always there to serve you in the best possible way that we can.

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