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By | December 6, 2019
teflon coating services

Teflon coating famously known as Paint Protection coating is a type of coating recommended by all the dealers like us- Sai Fast Service. We do Teflon car coating to enhance the paint life of cars. The main motive is adding a protection layer that focuses on adding more shine and gloss.

Sai fast service offers you the best Car dry cleaning services as well. While Teflon is a chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer. Teflon does not stick as well as helps in reducing friction.

Teflon acts as resistant to corrosion as well as the wear and tear of the cars anyhow.

Teflon Coating Process

The first step of doing Teflon on the car is washing that means to clean all the dirt on the Car. All the painted areas and plastic parts are made free from the dirt. To wipe the car, soft cloth is used to avoid adding more scratches.

  • The second step is polishing which includes the polishing of the painted areas of the car. Some types of waxes are also used for it. This ensures that your car has a maximum shine that lasts for long. Once this step is done, the older cars are going to look like you have bought a new one.
  • The last step is to add Teflon on the car’s surface. This chemical has a pungent smell when applied on the surface of the car. But the smell easily disappears once it gets dry.

Sai Fast Service – the best Teflon car coating and cry dry cleaning services provider

Teflon car coating is going to be the best way to make your car a new one. There are some benefits of getting your car Teflon coated which are as listed below:

  • Scratch protection: Teflon is a slippery coated surface which helps in protecting the car from any sort of scratches that may be due to dirt or cleaning the car with hard or dirty clothes.
  • Increases shine: Once the Teflon car coating is done, it fills out all the minor cracks and pits on the car. It results in better paint quality giving the car a glossy look.
  • Protect from Rust: The car gets more prone to rusting as Teflon mainly behaves as an anti-rusting layer.

Sai Fast Service – Your Best Doorstep Companion

Sai fast service offers you with car dry cleaning services, nano ceramic coating, Teflon car coating, car washing service. We even offer you with the doorstep services as we will readily accept your offer to serve you at your home with all types of services. Keeping your car clean is the best thing you can do as it showcases your personality as well and to maintain your belongings, Sai Fast Service is the best option for you.

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